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Kid's in Fishing

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Kids and fishing

Can your child play candy crush nonstop for hours? Or do they watch YouTube videos of other people playing games instead of playing the game themselves? If you answered yes to either of these things you need to take you child camping or fishing! Teach them that milk comes for a cow not a supermarket.

The key to kids and fishing is teaching them about everything, not just how to reel in a fish. Don’t cast for them, teach them how to cast. And most importantly don’t chase trophy fish, target bread and butter species.

Get them involved with the whole process. Planning where to go, what the target species is and how to catch them. Make them pack their own tackle and set them up with their own rod, reel and tackle box so they can have some pride in their gear.

Teach them how to tie knots, how to drive the boat or even collect the wood to light the fire. Children are a big sponge and they remember everything so when you are teaching them remember to guide them and don’t fish yourself. When they have learnt the basics then you can join in.

Get them to help collect the bait or take them to the tackle shop. I have even gone to the extent of giving my youngest son a fishing allowance to teach him the value of fishing.

You will here me rant about this all the time but it’s true. “It’s about the journey not the destination!”

Remember, just because you have seen a paddock full of little spring lambs doesn’t mean they have. On a recent trip my son was mesmerized that the little lambs had tails. Explore the little towns that you normally drive straight through because you’re in a rush.

The biggest gift you will ever give your kids is your time.

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