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Live Sonar the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY

We have all seen the social media hype around live sonar technology. The fish do not stand a chance, or you cannot win a comp without it (WRONG), as all new things they are bread for necessity. For years as a tournament fisho we have had some developments that have been called game changing things like electronic trolling motors and Sonar they have completely changed the fishing landscape and they all caused a bit of controversy when released

Now for the big “BUT” traditional sonar/sidescan has been brilliant showing fish we did not know were there. The problem with that was always working at things you were already past and there was too much guess work. With forward facing technologies we can fish the fish in front of the boat. We can pinpoint what distance and depth they are sitting and even better we can see what depth our lures are really running. This gives us the ability to change things in real time not wait for a bite or guess what the fish are reacting to.

So can live sonar make you catch fish?

The answer is simply NO you will still need the skills to make things happen just because you can see fish that will not make them bite. We have been able to see fish with sonar for years.

Will live sonar change the industry?

The answer is yes 100% but not in the negative way people are portraying. The Guys/Gals that have been lucky enough to use it over the last 12 months have all agreed on one thing they have taken the guess work out of there fishing. To see fish spook when a lure hits the water or follow a lure all the way to the boat is information, we only dreamt of knowing. This gives the angler the ability to change lures/baits quicker and in real time. I see this as the most positive thing to come out of the whole debate. Think of it like this Lure manufacturers now will be able to change the lure designs based on real fish reactions. If a big swimbait is spooking a Murray Cod when it hits the water, they will modify the lure placing weight so the lure doesn’t slap down on landing.

What happens if it gets in the wrong hands?

Like all the current problems in society we give the minority to much voice. With any new tech or product there will be someone that will use it in a bad way. Its up to us to make sure that is not going to happen.

Its to expensive for the avg fisho?

Once again, “NO” all the manufacturers of this tech have made it available on all there platforms. As I always say buy the best you can afford don’t stretch the budget. We are happy to pay 2k+ for a new flash phone. If you shop around, you can get a unit for around $1200 and add the transducer for around $1500 you get my point.

Which one should I buy?

The best you can afford at the time. But let me use the phone analogy again do you have an iphone or Samsung why did you buy that, or what car/boat do you have. The key is do your research and be informed.

Am I going to get it?

100% its ordered already.

Thanks for reading.


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