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ABT Bluerock and Glenmaggie

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

With the start to the 2022 ABT calendar we headed to Gippsland for a double header. First was Bluerock Dam and second was Lake Glenmaggie.


Bluerock pre fish was solid and I found some good fish in the main bay away from everyone. With the majority of people heading up the river arm I chose to go it alone out in the open water. The problem with my decision was the wind and I was going to have to battle the elements all weekend. First morning didnt go to plan with a few dropped fish early. I spent the low light period using Zerek Bulldog cranks and landed fish regularly. I was lacking size so as the sun come out, I pushed wider into about 6-8 meters of water. The fish were very tight lipped so I started throwing a Bassman Mumbler with a burn and pause technique. I got a couple of good upgrades. On day 2, I decided to do the same as day one and now I was in striking distance. The fish had closed down due to the wind. I knew at some stage the big fish would bite. I didn't get as many big bites as I wanted but it was enough to secure an 8th place finish.

We then packed up camp for the short 1hr drive to Glenmaggie. This was a dam I have never fished and had no idea what to do. We went out pre fish day and for the first time in a long time I went fishless on pre fish day. With no idea what to do I decided just to fish edges using the same lures that worked for me at Bluerock. The plan ended up being a good one but my execution was terrible. My co had his fish within the first few hours and I had only landed 1 fish. Had plenty of opportunity just pulled hooks. The day was one of my worst ever on the water. After a few moves I struggled to land fish and pushing the limits I ended up coming in 15 seconds late and getting a late penalty costing me a fish. With only 2 fish for the day and loosing 1 fish for being late really cost me. Day 2 had me thinking I was out of the running and I made a last-minute call to swing for the fence. I watched everyone leave the start line and went in a totally different direction. I chose to stay close to the start line and fish standalone trees in front of the grave yard. I worked the bank, jumping from tree to tree. I ended up just out the front of the caravan park in some flooded trees and caught a good fish and dropped another 2. Finally I had cracked a pattern. With no other boats within sight, I started to fish with confidence.. Circling trees throwing the Zerek Bulldog Crank past the bases of submerged trees.

The day ended up a good one with catching 3 good fish and a big jump on the score board. I ended up with 3 good fish and 2 small ones to finish just outside the money in 5th place I did get a Mercury bonus cheque so all in all a good day on the water.

Next stop Lake St Clair and Glenbawn in the NSW double header.

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